Taeyeon kangin dating

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Taeyeon kangin dating

Along with Donghae, he was supposed to be in a 5-membered group called “Smile”.5.

During trainee days, Eunhyuk and Junsu often pull pranks on him.6.

Your philosophy of OT9, which we as an international fandom learned from YOU ALL and of which we now PREACH, is constantly jaded in my eyes but now I cant ignore that anymore.

MASSIVE amounts of pics from many events expanding from the very late 2010 to late 2011 think of every official fan taken picture released, its all there.

He created a cartoon when he was still in high school. He has three turtles (Ddangkkoma, ddangkkoming, ddangkkomaeng – one of them– Ddangkkoma – was donated later to the Coex Aquarium) and a puppy (Kkoming).39. Like Heechul, he was supposed to be in a group called ‘4 Seasons’ along with Yunho and Jaejoong as the autumn counterpart.44.

Daehyun (his friend) was “Sellectice” and “His friend Karrion” was Heechul himself.19. He studied at Central University for Nationalities, major in Traditional dance, minor in ballet.24. Kangin already hosted 2 radio shows – Chun Bang Ji Chuk Radio/Reckless Radio and Chin Han Chin Gu Radio/ Good Friends (or Best friends) Radio (with Cho Jungrin and SNSD’s Taeyeon).45.

Amber, who has come through in the clutch lately on social media, gladly pointed this out to everybody.

"I wanted to get a message out loud and clear you underestimate Hyoyeon and how much of an affect shes had within the ever expanding, international fandom. OT9 only means something to me if it is directly from SNSDs mouths but if a KSONE has something to say on it, I cant take it seriously anymore. [...] Its a big deal because things like this KEEPS ON HAPPENING with her.

You dont treat her as well as the other members, as a fandom/as a whole, and you dont respect her as well as the other members. I recently downloaded a large SNSD picture archive via Moonsoshi9 from a Chinese website.

Shindong used to host a TV show for kids called “Ppo Ppo Ppo Ai Joa”.54.

He’s currently a DJ alongside with KARA’s Gyuri for MBC Radio ‘Shim Shim Tapa’.55. He choreographed some of the groups’ dance along with Eunhyuk.57.

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His solo song for the OST of ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ – ‘니가 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)’ gained a lot of popularity and won a couple of awards like the 25th Golden Disk Popularity Award.36. Shindong is the only member who has a girlfriend revealed to the public (named Jung Nari), though it wasn’t exactly intentional.

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  1. Pretty Wiltshire-born Zoella reveals that fans have been ‘overanalysing’ their pictures and videos in an attempt to decipher whether they’re hiding a romance. That September, Zoella and Alfie shoot their first You Tube collaboration.

  2. Talking to a leading daily some time back, Neil had confessed, "I love Priyanka. God forbid, if we ever decide not to carry our relationship further, our parents will disown us." But the cupid effect seemed to have faded over the time and Neil told in his recent interview, "I really don't want to discuss it but since you're asking, I won't lie.