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Workaholic dating

Q: I'm confused and somewhat creeped out by this, and I hope you can help.

There's a guy from work that I've gotten closer to over the last few months, just platonically.

It can definitely be frustrating for you if your significant other can’t attend all of the same events, but try to understand what drives him or her!

Turn the situation into something positive — instead of moping around at home alone, take some time to yourself, go out with your friends, or relax.

(There are no romantic feelings on my part, though, and he knows this.) It was after some drinks one night (just me and him) that it happened … I mean, what in the devil does he want me to do with that information?

And, for next time, remember that when you move a friendship beyond cubicles and conference rooms and add alcohol, the result is often conversation that goes beyond TPS reports and which schmuck is eating the leftovers in the break room fridge.

There's a few of us from the office that have semi-regular happy hour gatherings (that's how we met). (I don't know his exact age, but I would guess it's mid-30s.) I was so caught off-guard that I jumped up and went to the bathroom, and then made an excuse that I had to go to work early.

He and I live pretty close also, so we've run into each other outside of those too. Although he's quiet and reserved at first, after a few drinks he loosens up and has a wicked sense of humor. We've had lunch since then and never spoke of his confession since, but I feel sort of weird that he would tell me this.

Otherwise, you’re dooming yourself to a role as an afterthought, not a priority, in this relationship.

At the very least, though, you’ve already got a built-in date for any Halloween parties on your social calendar: the Invisible Man.

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It’s not like he pulled out a laptop crammed with kiddie porn or that his virgin status doesn’t apply to his relationship with his dog, for Pete’s sake.